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Dog Addisons Disease

…in an animal with untreated Addison’s disease. Because Addison’s disease is a chronic condition and the symptoms may be hard to recognize, many animals remain undiagnosed. Many symptoms of Addison’s disease imitate other conditions, and the disease itself may be caused by other underlying problems; as such, it may take some time before the disease can be identified. However prognosis is usually good for Addison’s disease sufferers, and regular…

Cat Addisons Disease

Addisons disease or hypoadrenocorticism is a disorder of the endocrine system due to insufficient production of the adrenal gland hormones. Addison’s disease affects young cats, although it is a relevantly rare disease. The condition is very treatable but can be fatal without proper veterinary care.Causes The most common cause of Addisons disease in cats is the destruction of the adrenal tissue, mainly due to the over active response of the cats…

Cat Cushings Disease

…Aldosterone is responsible for regulating the amounts of sodium, potassium, chloride, and water in a cats body. While Addisons disease may occasionally affect only cortisol levels, it most often affects both groups of hormones. As with Cushings disease, the warning signs of Addisons disease can be subtle and variable.Causes Feline Addisons disease results from the destruction of adrenal gland tissue by the cats immune system. This most commonly…

Dog Clostridium Perfringens

…from relatively mild to potentially lethal hemorrhagic diarrhea – a thorough physical examination must be performed to eliminate other possible causes such as parasites, inflammation, dietary problems, intestinal cancer, Addison’s disease, etc. Since the bacterium exists naturally in the digestive tract, a simple fecal test that detects the presence of C. perfringens is usually not sufficient to confirm the diagnosis; the fecal sample has to be…

Dog Alopecia X

…melatonin. Methyltestosterone, an expensive drug, may cause liver damage and increase aggression. Another alternative is low dose lysodren, a chemotherapy agent that erodes the outer layer of adrenal glands and slows the production of hormones. This agent controls the cortisone produced. Side effects include possible cortisone deficiency or Addison’s Disease, an adrenal steroid deficiency. Dogs may react with listlessness, vomiting and diarrhea.


…dogs that will bond with a whole family. For the most part, they are good with children and other dogs but may show some apprehension around unfamiliar animals. They have a rather strong hunting instinct so supervision, especially around birds and small pets, is important. There are a number of health problems to which poodles are prone, including Addison’s disease, cataracts, congenital heart disease, chronic active hepatitis, and epilepsy.

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