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Thyroid Support Silver for Cat Thyroid and Better Energy

…restorative support for thyroid function. With gradual and consistent use, Thyroid Support Silver helps to maintain normal levels of thyroid hormones. What is Thyroid Support used for? Thyroid Support Silver provides your cat with highly effective, natural herbs that assist the maintenance of thyroid hormone levels. Additionally, this proprietary formula supports the adrenal glands, the immune system and can help peripheral body systems that are…


Lung Gold for cat lung support and easy breathing

…lung infection. Indoor and outdoor environmental toxins (such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust) can make a lung problem worse. If your cat is suffering from a lung-related condition, keep the air quality as clean as possible and eliminate additional stressors to the lungs. Provide good indoor ventilation. Can my cat take Lung Gold with medications? Absorption of drugs taken at the same time may be delayed. Not to be used with hypotensive drugs or…


Cat Ear Cleaner

…barrier capability often needed by cats prone to ear problems. Use Cat Ear Cleaner for regular maintenance or as needed. What is Cat Ear Cleaner used for? Most felines do not require regular ear cleaning and are not generally prone to ear discomfort in the way many dogs are. If you notice your cat repeatedly scratching the ears, it might be time to take action. A note from our Veterinarian... Cat Ear Cleaner was designed to gently clean…


Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Support

…integrated the latest scientific research. It is our aim to produce the best products for your pet that we can. I like Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root together for cats needing lots of liver support. Vitamin E , B complex vitamins and Vitamin B12 injections can also be helpful. For cats in my clinic in need of liver support, I recommend L-carnitine, L-taurine, betaine and turmeric -- I also recommend an appropriate Chinese herbal formula (you…


Agile Joints - Cat Joint Support

…these: * Your cat favours one side of his body * Less interest in food * Aversion to being touched or petted * Your cat loses interest in activities he previously enjoyed: running, jumping up onto furniture, playing, etc. There is no way to entirely eliminate the probability that support will be needed one day. But as a pet owner, you can help by ensuring your cat gets plenty of regular exercise. This will help keep your cat's joints healthy…


Calming Care for Cat Stress & Tension

…your cat enjoy life - and enjoy life with your cat! What is Calming Care used for? Some felines experience moods that could be defined as anxious, stressed out, aggressive or hyperactive. The cause may be known or unknown but there is not always an easy solution to helping a cat feel calm and self assured. Calming Care is one part of the solution. Along with a healthy diet, appropriate social interaction and physical activity, your cat can…


Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support

Felines, their diet, bowel movements and flatulence Some cats' digestive systems are sensitive and they need support to maintain regularity. Sometimes, your cat has eaten something outside that will affect regularity or, in addition to something like Hairball Gold, your cat may benefit from the support of a supplement to move hairballs. You want to keep them feeling comfortable. To support regular bowel movements, feeding a diet high in fibre and…


Young at Heart for Cat Heart Support

…can safely be used by cats of all ages, as needed. If your feline is taking prescription medications, please review the precautions. What is Young at Heart used for? The heart of a feline is anatomically similar to that of a human. However, the type of support required by a cat for normal heart function is not necessarily the same as it would be for the human heart. Young at Heart is a formula designed for your cat's entire cardiovascular…


GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Intestinal Support

Feline Intestinal Support Many cats hunt rodents and birds. If your cat is eating remains of other animals, it may impact your cat's gut health. You want to make sure your cat is: * Absorbing nutrients * Maintaining healthy weight * Has good energy levels * Has healthy solid, stools * Has normal stool smell and colour GI CleanUp Gold is not a substitute for medications prescribed by your veterinarian for intestinal worms and parasites such as…


Dandelion Root for Cat Liver and Digestive Support

…important for cats with heart disease. Blood Sugar: Dandelion root has also been studied for its ability to support normal, healthy insulin levels. The addition of Dandelion root to your cat's health regime is a great way to help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Pet Wellbeing's Dandelion root is glycerin-based and safe for cats. Never give an alcohol-based product to your cat. Healthy Nutrition Tip for Your Cat's Liver &…


Comfort Gold - Support for Cat Physical Comfort

What is Comfort Gold? Comfort Gold is a proprietary combination of five herbs that work in unison to support and help maintain a physical level of comfort for your cat. The need for this formula can be associated with normal, daily activity. What is Comfort Gold used for? Non-addictive and gentle, this formula is often administered in conjunction with supplements that support joint mobility, or any time physical ease can be supported. Comfort…


Detox Gold for Cats

…felines or cats with long-standing health issues, there may be a more noticeable change and increase in vitality. How long does it take before I see results? Most pet owners that we have heard from reported they have noticed changes in their pet’s health after about a month or so. A detoxification process for a cat should not occur quickly or with dramatic purging like urgent bowel movements! This would undoubtedly leave the cat feeling…

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