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Asthma in Cats

Just like their human companions, cats can suffer from asthma. It is thought that currently about 1% of all cats suffer from this condition but that number is increasing with increased environment pollution. Feline asthma, or feline bronchial disease (allergic airway disease or allergic bronchitis) is caused by a spasm of the small airways in the lungs, the bronchii. This spasm is usually caused by an allergic reaction to something inhaled and…

Are Springtime Allergies & Asthma the Reason for Your Cat's Lethargy?

Cats are languid creatures by nature. For 12-16 hours each day, you’re liable to find yours basking in the sunlight, cozied up in a bed or snuggled warmly in a pile of blankets. Of course, when they’re awake, they’re prone to mischief! Most cat owners take just a little bit of comfort when they see their cat sleeping peacefully, because they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be!

Your Wheezing Kitty Requires Treatment for Asthma or Allergies

Cats make a ton of different noises, from meowing, to hissing, to growling, to purring, to chirping and beyond. Yet another noise you may hear from your cat is a wheezing sound. Wheezing may be accompanied by what sounds like coughing or snorting and will probably sound like they are trying to get rid of a hairball, without any evidence of the hairball itself.

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