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Blood Sugar Gold - Cat/Feline Blood Sugar Maintenance

…imperative to monitor blood sugar levels closely. How quickly your cat responds will be unique, and it is extremely important that blood sugar levels stay within a healthy range. Blood Sugar Gold is NOT a substitute for insulin or any other prescribed blood-sugar-lowering drugs. Before you begin administering Blood Sugar Gold to your cat, please read and follow the cautions . Can my cat take Blood Sugar Gold with medications? Blood Sugar Gold may…


Ear Care Gold for a Natural Solution to Cat Ear Comfort

…its ability to keep skin tissue healthy and provide nutrition to the layers of the skin. Furthermore, the oil helps to maintain the natural immunity of the skin, assisting the skin's barrier capability often needed by cats prone to ear problems. What is Ear Care Gold used for? Ear Care Gold is designed to discourage organisms like yeasts and bacteria that can make your feline's ears itchy and smelly. You may notice your pet shaking his or…


Ear Clean Gold for Cats

…autoimmune disease, diabetes or other causes. When cleaning the ears of your feline, be sure to never probe inside the ears with an ear swab or similar long instrument. This can lodge debris and discharge further into the ear canal or even rupture the eardrum. Be sure to follow the Directions for Use for the safety and comfort of your cat. What are ear mites? Mites spend most of their life living inside your cat’s ears. Because outward…


Ear Clean Gold for Dogs

…or hairy ears are more likely to require regular ear cleaning, as are dogs that swim. Ear Clean Gold helps: * Dry out the ears * Change the pH in the ears Ear mites in dogs are most commonly passed on during contact with cats, while indoors or outdoors. The ears will be uncomfortable and you will notice your dog trying to relieve the itchiness. There may be redness and inflammation. You will also see a brown/black substance which may look waxy or…

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