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Throat Gold - Throat Soother for dogs

Support your dog's upper respiratory tract You can help support ongoing upper respiratory support by not letting your dog share toys, food or water with other, unknown dogs. Throat Gold can be administered before, during and after kennel boarding. If your dog has been straining at the leash, Throat Gold can help support the tissues of the throat. What is Throat Gold? Throat Gold has been developed using herbal ingredients to holistically support…


Lung Gold for dog lung support and easy breathing

What is Lung Gold? Lung Gold is a combination of natural herbal ingredients and Vitamin C designed to help maintain strong immunity in the lower respiratory system of canines. For support of the upper respiratory tract you'll want to look at Throat Gold Lung Gold was developed by our holistic veterinarian to help dogs maintain their innate resistance in the lungs, including breathing…


Throat Gold - Throat Soother for cats

…are a type of plant constituent that are high in mucilage content and act to soothe and calm the throat. Throat Gold is not a substitute for antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian or medications prescribed for cough. This herbal formula supports comfort of the throat and helps to maintain healthy, normal tissues in the upper respiratory tract. We recommend a consultation with your veterinarian if you suspect your feline has a respiratory…


Hairball Gold

…comfortable and also assist with normal elimination. Hairball Gold can be administered for general maintenance (particularly for felines with long hair) and/or for active episodes when you see your cat attempting to forcibly cough up a hairball. A Note from our Veterinarian... Most of the time, your cat will be able to dislodge a hairball with the help of Hairball Gold. The normal result will be that the hairball continues its passage through the…

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