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Itch Support Gold for Cats

…your cat's sensitivities and work out a treatment plan that you feel is the most beneficial for your cat. Please keep informed of any and all side effects (especially long-term effects) that may result from prescription medications like steroids and antibiotics. Minimize insect bites: Remember that sensitivities to fleas or flea saliva may cause reactions long after the fleabite has occurred. A flea bite may appear as much more than a simple…


Itch Support Gold for Dogs

…any other additives in the food, fleas, and whether the dog is generally healthy, with strong immunity. Think about: * Pollens and grasses * Dust, dust mites and molds * Fragrances and other chemicals including those found in most laundry detergents, dog shampoos and household cleaners * Cigarette smoke * Prescription medication (including flea medication or medicated flea products) * Insect bites (including fleas) * Dander and feathers (may be…

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