Lung Gold For Cat

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Lung Gold for cat lung support and easy breathing

What is Lung Gold? Lung Gold is a combination of natural herbal ingredients and Vitamin C designed to help maintain strong immunity in the lower respiratory system of felines. Lung Gold was developed by our holistic veterinarian to help cats maintain their innate resistance in the lungs, including breathing and oxygenation of tissues. Lung Gold helps to maintain open airways. It works deep in the lungs. What is Lung Gold used for? The respiratory…


Throat Gold - Throat Soother for cats

…cigarette smoke, may benefit from Throat Gold. If you are boarding your cat in a kennel where your cat will be in contact with many other cats, try Throat Gold before, during and after. Can my cat take Throat Gold with medications? Use Throat Gold with caution if taking steroid medications. Does it come with a guarantee? Yes! Throat Gold comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Why choose Throat Gold for your feline friend? * Certified organic,…


Detox Gold for Cats

What is Detox Gold? Based on our original Life Gold formula, Detox Gold was reformulated specifically for supporting the body's normal channels of detoxification. The natural ingredients in Detox Gold help a cat's body systems to get rid of unwanted matter (i.e. detoxify). Unhealthy substances can enter the body in food (preservatives and other chemicals), from the environment (herbicides/pesticides in gardens and lawns, or air pollution) and…


HeartClean Gold for Support of Heart and Lungs in Dogs

What is HeartClean Gold? HeartClean Gold is an herbal and enzyme formula designed to support the heart and lungs of canines. This formula is not a primary treatment or alternative treatment for heartworms; it is ideal for supporting and maintaining both cardiac and respiratory health. . What is HeartClean Gold used for? The ingredients in HeartClean Gold serve several functions: * To support circulation of the coronary arteries (the blood vessels…


Hairball Gold

…lubrication for the GI tract, it will help the stomach feel comfortable and also assist with normal elimination. Hairball Gold can be administered for general maintenance (particularly for felines with long hair) and/or for active episodes when you see your cat attempting to forcibly cough up a hairball. A Note from our Veterinarian... Most of the time, your cat will be able to dislodge a hairball with the help of Hairball Gold. The normal result…


Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Cats with Allergies

…your cat's comfort to the natural environment. What is Nettle-Eyebright Gold? Nettle-Eyebright Gold is a combination of herbal ingredients designed by our holistic veterinarian for feline eyes and noses. The herbs, Nettle and Eyebright are two of the main ingredients and have been used extensively for natural support of sensitivities. Other herbs in this formula help to support the immune system. What is Nettle-Eyebright Gold used for? This…


Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support

…Smooth BM Gold supports healthy elimination even if an animal's energy is depleted and will not further deplete strength. The ingredients are considered to provide nutritive value and can be used long-term. Can my cat take Smooth BM Gold with medications? Do not give Smooth BM Gold if your pet is taking medications for diarrhea (contradictory action). Are there any precautions? Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has…


Mushroom Immune Gold for Feline Deep Immune Support

…Immune Gold helps maintain: * Resilient immunity * Healthy lungs and digestion * Less feelings of stress * Better detoxification from environmental toxins For years, we've been seeing customer reviews about how Pet Wellbeing Life Gold has helped to support their pets' quality of life. Our veterinary Board of Advisors saw the need for an additional immune formula, one that could powerfully support the action of white blood cells. Life Gold and…


Life Gold for Cats - for Quality of Life and Lymphatic Support

…is GOLD when your pet's quality of life needs support. Life Gold helps to ensure that the body's vital systems of detoxification are working well. The liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, and skin all work to remove the body's waste products. The herbs in Life Gold also help to support the lymphatic system, a vital part of the immune system. Life Gold supports your pet's long-term vitality. What is Life Gold used for? Life Gold provides…


Thyroid Support Silver for Cat Thyroid and Better Energy

…is Thyroid Support Silver? This all-natural supplement was designed to give your pet nourishing and restorative support for thyroid function. With gradual and consistent use, Thyroid Support Silver helps to maintain normal levels of thyroid hormones. What is Thyroid Support used for? Thyroid Support Silver provides your cat with highly effective, natural herbs that assist the maintenance of thyroid hormone levels. Additionally, this proprietary…


Cancer Support Kit - Cats

…contains both Life Gold and Spark Daily Nutritional Supplement. This combination of products is designed to... * Help your cat maintain the integrity of their immune system * Keep your cat as comfortable and pain-free as possible What is Life Gold? Life Gold is a proprietary formula developed for cats when their quality of life has been compromised. More immune system and anti-oxidant protection may be needed at this time. Cats with a suppressed…


Cancer Support Kit - Dogs

…than in cats). Telltale signs include unusually bad breath, bleeding or swelling in your dog’s nose, and difficulty eating. Other forms of canine cancer include lymphoma, abdominal tumors (look for lumps on your dog’s belly), testicle tumors and bone tumors. What is in the Cancer Support Kit? This kit contains Life Gold and Spark Daily Nutritional Supplement. What is Life Gold? Life Gold is a proprietary formula developed for dogs…

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