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Cat Asthma

…radiographs, and a response to steroid therapy. Asthma can be difficult to diagnose in cats, and is sometimes over-diagnosed. There are also other diseases that can cause similar respiratory symptoms, such as heartworm, lungworm, and heart diseases; these must be ruled out first before a veterinarian can be sure of the asthma diagnosis.Treatment In severe, acute attacks, a small dose of epinephrine or other airway dilators can be administered via…

Pneumonia Management

…is one of the more common forms and is caused by a viral infection. The most likely viral cause in dogs is Canine Distemper Virus and in cats is Feline upper Respiratory infection. Parasitic pneumonia is caused by lungworms. Bacterial pneumonia is also quite common and is usually a secondary symptom that arises from other bacterial infections. Finally, allergic pneumonia is caused by inflammatory cells that have entered the lungs but there…

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