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Throat Gold - Throat Soother for cats

…to cigarette smoke, may benefit from Throat Gold. If you are boarding your cat in a kennel where your cat will be in contact with many other cats, try Throat Gold before, during and after. Can my cat take Throat Gold with medications? Use Throat Gold with caution if taking steroid medications. Does it come with a guarantee? Yes! Throat Gold comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Why choose Throat Gold for your feline friend? * Certified…


Nettle-Eyebright Gold for Cats with Allergies

…Sensitive Cat? Support from natural ingredients to support a healthy, normal release of histamines can help a "sensitive" feline. All sorts of natural elements we come into contact with through the cycle of seasons are part of the environment our cats live in and take in through breathing, rolling, licking and just being the world. Help support your cat's comfort to the natural environment. What is Nettle-Eyebright Gold? Nettle-Eyebright Gold is…


Hairball Gold

…he/she ingests. Moisture in the diet is one. Cats that only receive dry food have less moisture in the GI tract than cats that eat wet food, a raw food or homemade diet. Be sure you feline has continual access to fresh water. Regular brushing and providing adequate moisture and fibre in the diet are good ways to help your cat manage hair in the GI tract. Sometimes that is not enough. Hairball Gold will provide a safe and natural way to lubricate…


Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support

Felines, their diet, bowel movements and flatulence Some cats' digestive systems are sensitive and they need support to maintain regularity. Sometimes, your cat has eaten something outside that will affect regularity or, in addition to something like Hairball Gold, your cat may benefit from the support of a supplement to move hairballs. You want to keep them feeling comfortable. To support regular bowel movements, feeding a diet high in fibre and…


Lung Gold for cat lung support and easy breathing

What is Lung Gold? Lung Gold is a combination of natural herbal ingredients and Vitamin C designed to help maintain strong immunity in the lower respiratory system of felines. Lung Gold was developed by our holistic veterinarian to help cats maintain their innate resistance in the lungs, including breathing and oxygenation of tissues. Lung Gold helps to maintain open airways. It works deep in the lungs. What is Lung Gold used for? The respiratory…


HeartClean Gold for Support of Heart and Lungs in Dogs

…preserve the integrity of the blood vessel walls * To support breathing and open airways * To support comfort in the throat * To help maintain a strong immune system A Note from our Veterinarian... HeartClean Gold has been developed for dogs although it may be helpful for cats, particularly if mosquitoes are prevalent in your area. For additional support, consider administering Milk Thistle…

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